Yura of the Hair

Body 8 Mind 9 Soul 7

Health Points (-5) 75, Energy Points 80
Attack Combat Value 10, Defense Combat Value 8

Attributes: Appearance 2 (2 points, "Quite Attractive"), Art of Distraction 1 (1 points, 1 person), Combat Mastery 2 (4 points), Sixth Sense 2 (2 points, magic, spirits), Item Of Power 6 (12 points, "Soul Comb"), Mind Control 4 (16 points, up to 6 people), Jumping 2 (2 points, using hair), Weapon Attack 2 (8 points, Tangle, no damage, Short Range, +45), Weapon Attack 1 (1 points, Sword "Joy of Oni", melee, does not cut hair, +30), Weapon Attack 2 (2 points, "Fire Hair", Burning, Must be Tangled, +30)

Defects: Not So Tough 8 (8BP, -80 Health), Magical Restriction (2BP, Must Use Hair to Maintain Mind Control), Cursed (1BP), Bane (1BP, Holy Symbol)

Soul Comb: Yura's comb is an item of power - her soul is stored in it. It provides the following attributes to Yura: Regeneration 6 (24 points, restores 15 health/round), Damn Healthy 8 (+80 Health), Magical Restriction (2BP, Only works for Yura). The comb has 10 health points and can be destroyed normally.

Game Notes: Yura's soul lives in her comb; she 'naturally' has negative health and therefore will die if deprived of the comb. Destroying the comb is the only way to kill her, as it will otherwise regenerate her.

Combat Notes: If possible, she will mind control either her targets or weak-willed people near her targets and force them to do her attacks for her. Otherwise, tangling is a good start, dealing 55 tangle damage, and then run them through with the "Joy of Oni" for 40 points of real damage. The fire attack burns down the hairs to attack people wh are already tangled; doing 40 points on the first round and 8 each of the next 5 rounds.

(60 points)