Tzo-La Icecrystal

Tzo-La was the daughter of a wealthy Sindran family, and so, showing some early magical aptitude, she was sent to Madame Ona's School for Girls to learn the magical arts. She enjoyed her time there immensely, happily chasing would-be-robbers and taking her part in what became known as the Great Sock Animation. A family of striped woolen knee-highs still remembers her fondly.

Leaving at 15 with a strong sense of purpose she joined what she thought was a slavery liberation outfit based in Elu, but turned out to be a bandit crew with a clever fronstman. It was only when she saw her name on a wanted poster that she realized the truth, went to the authorites and helped arrest the lot.

After a brief fling with an unusually polite satyr, and another with peculiarly excitable dwarf, she realized that the search for knowledge was too strong to be ignored. She joined the Sindran Loreseekers and, after a somewhat longer fling with a less-than-usually-pointy-eared elven magician, she set out to see the world, right wrongs, discover lost magic, and check out the local talent.

Body 4 Mind 9 Soul 6

Health Points 50, Energy Points 75, Attack Combat Value 6, Defense Combat Value 4

Attributes: Appearance Level 2 (2 Points, "Cute"), Organizational Ties (Sindran Loressekers, 1 point), Sixth Sense: Magic (1 point), Sixth Sense: Spirits (1 point), Environment Control Level 3 (Temperature Decrease, 3 points), Environment Control Level 4 (Snow Storm, 4 points), Personal Gear level 1 (1 point) Magic Level 3 (ice magic, 12 points)

Magic Attributes: Special Attack Level 3 (12 points, Accurate, Affects ghosts, Touch, "Freezing Touch") , Secondary Attack Level 3 (2 Points, Indirect, Homing, Short Range, "Homing Snowball"), Secondary Attack Level 1 (1 Points, Indirect, Short Range, "Snowball"), Force Field Level 1 (2 points, Wall, Both Directions, stops 30 points, "Wall of Ice"), Portable Dimension Level 1 (2 Points, always very cold,"Dimensional Freezer"), Special Movement, Water (2 Points, "Ice-water-walking")

Defects: Easily Distracted (books, 1 BP), Not So Strong (1 BP)

Equipment: Tonne Vial (major), Ice crystal cloak (minor), Silver Flute (minor), Book "Pride and Prejudice", by Jane Austen (minor), 234 Silver Coins (minor)

Combat Notes: The freezing touch attack is accurate and does 45 + ACV damage, but does requier her to be in close. Homing snowballs are a favorite of hers, and putting three in the air in rapid succession guarantees someone is in for an exciting few minutes. The wall of ice is a great blcoker when running away!