Oresh Nightwalker


Oresh in an ususual type of beastman; taking the form of a bat. As a race, bat-beastmen are uncommon and are not integrated well into society; not being true avians and being fairly nocturnal are serious liabilities. Oresh was born into a family that was indebted to a local crime lord in Coatestown. The family, Oresh included, worked for the crime lord (whose name has never been recorded) as nighttime couriers and burglars. Oresh had a particular aptitude for the latter and in time was given a set of extremely fine lock picks by his master.

One night, however, Oresh was caught in a daring attempt to steal the secret recipe to Tandros Feal╝s "Spicy Fish Pie Surprise". Expecting the worst, he was astonished when Tandros forgave him and then offered him a job in the kitchen if he quit his thieving lifestyle. Oresh accepted this kind offer and learned how to cook pretty well, specializing in breakfast, as working through the night suited him.

When Coatestown was destroyed, Tandros' house was destroyed and the master chef himself was killed. Oresh was only able to salvage the chef's dwarf-built precision cookery set as a memento before he was again on the streets. Despairing and lonely, he soon turned back to his old profession to make ends meet, but part of him still wishes to escape into a better life. Oresh is now sixteen.

Body 7 Mind 8 Soul 6

Health Points 65, Energy Points 70, Attack Combat Value 8, Defense Combat Value 6

Attributes: Features: Fur, Night Vision (2 points), Heightened Hearing Level 2 (2 points), Heightened Smell Level 1 (1 point), Flight Level 1 (4 points), Light Armor Level 1 (4 points, furry pelt), Focused Damage Level 2 (2 points, knives), Combat Mastery Level 1 (2 points), Stealth Level 1 (1 point) Personal Gear Level 2 (2 points)

Defects: Wanted (1 BP, Minor Criminal), Marked (2 BP, Bat people are rare and noticeable)

Equipment: Lockpick kit (major), Dwarf-built portable cooking kit (major), Map of Uresia (minor), Cooking spices (minor), Hand-held Tetris video game (minor), Grappling hook (minor), Comfortabel portable chair (minor), Book "How to Speak Eleven" (minor), Book "How to Speak Dwarven" (minor), Potion of Healing (minor)

Game Notes: Bat beastmen have folded wings under furry, human arms and hands. Their heads are batlike with huge ears and nose. Torso and feet are furry, but human.

Combat Notes: Throw knives! Throw knives! Sneak up and stab someone with a knife.