Essa Animalfriend

Essa was born in the depths of the Temphis wilds, surrounded from an early age by monsters, wild animals and all sorts of unusual friends. Her parents were known as "Animal Friends" due to their close relationship with the beasts around them. They would repair dens, remove stones from hooves, pull out thorns and look after the animals in their area in all ways possible. In return they never lacked for berries, honey, vegetables or the occasional rabbit!

One day Essa was bringing rabbit pie to the grandmother of a wolf who was a good friend of theirs, but took the wrong path in the woods and became lost in a dangerous area. Conspicuous in her red hood, she was followed by a pair of giant hunting spiders and only the intervention of a passing herd of unicorns saved her. They took her in, brought her home and became her companions over the next couple of years.

When Essa's parents died of a wasting illness, leaving only Taro, the talking owl, as an inheritance, Essa decided to leave the forest. A friend of hers, Unimagic, who was half-unicorn and half-pegasus and thus rather on the fringes of polite magical equine society came with her. She is off to seek her fortune. She is eight years old.

Body 4 Mind 6 Soul 7

Health Points 55, Energy Points 70, Attack Combat Value 6, Defense Combat Value 4

Attributes: Appearance Level 3 (3 Points, "Very Cute"), Animal Friend Level 3 (3 Points), Servant Level 5 (5 points "Unimagic"), Servant Level 3 (3 points "Taro"), Shape Change Level 2 (4 points), Magic Level 2 (6 points, less powerful: 15 PP)

Magic Attributes: Special attack Level 1 (4 Points, Irritant, No damage, "Coughing Hairball Attack") , Secondary attack Level 1 (2 Points, Accurate, Short Range, "Eagle Wing Strike"), Life Support Level 2 (2 Points, "Shining Turtle Safety"), Tunnelling Level 1 (2 Points, "Mole Digging Invasion"), Metamorphisis (5 Points, "Miaaaowww")

Defects: Ageism (2 BP), Not so Fast (1 BP)

Equipment: None

Game Notes: Essa is very young and grew up outside civilization. he has no clue about money and is very, very naive. Note that her shape change allows her to hit Appearance Level 5, which has an automatic two levels of Art of Distraction. Legendary cuteness is hard to resist. She has recently learned how to turn herself into a cat form, and can use her shape change in that form to become almost any kind of cat (siamese, tabby, etc.). With her appearance and shape change, she can ber a very, very cute cat indeed. Note that as a magic girl, she must pose and name her magic power to activate it.

Combat Notes: Apart from the Art of Distraction, which can affect up to 2 people, she usually leads off with Coughing Hairball. Unimagic is rarely used for real combat, but with 50 health often is used as blocker.

Unimagic: ACV 4, DCV 2, Health 50. Unimagic is a basic unicorn template, with the following additions:

Flying level 1 (4 points), Environmental Control 2 ("Light of Goodness", 2 points), Healing 1 (4 points, "Unicorn healing", 20 health max)

Taro, the Talking Owl: Straight from the book. ACV 5, DCV 3, Health 20. A talking owl and that's basically it.

Essa in Cat Form: Features 2 (Fur, night vision), Natural weapons 1 (Claws +5), Special movement 3 (Catlike, balance, wall-walking) No hands (2BP), Cannot talk (1BP), Not so strong (2BP)