Uresia: The Poison Pepper Crew

Captain Auriga Buckler

Body 8 Mind 8 Soul 8

Health Points 100, Energy Points 80, Attack Combat Value 10 (8), Defense Combat Value 8 (6)

Attributes: Appearance 1 (1 point, "Moderately Attractive"), Aura of Command 3 (3 points, 1-10 people), Combat Mastery 2 (4 points), Damn Healthy! 2 (2 points), Divine Relationship 2 (2 points, 2 rolls/session), Extra Attacks 1 (4 points), Heightened Awareness 2 (2 points, -4 bonus), Massive Damage 2 (4 points), Organizational Ties 1 (1 points, "Bob"), Own A Big Mecha 1 (4 points "Poison Pepper"), Precognition 1 (1 point), Sixth Sense 1 (1 point, "weather-watching"),

Defects: Out of Practise (1 BP, 1 week), Skeleton in the Closet (1 BP, "ex-pirate"), Nemesis (1 BP, "Duke Harridan")

Game Notes: "Bob" stands for the "Brotherhood of Old Buccaneers", an informal group of ex-pirates who can call on each other for advice, counsel and help. Mainly, though, they provide information on the best taverns and other places of "ill-repute". Buckler's precognition is a fitful thing, but goes a long way to explaining both why he occasionally takes very risky commissions and how he pulls them off. Buckler is currently "Out of Practice" with his fighting skills and cannot apply his combat mastery without practising diligently for a week. Then he'll be back to full fighting ability for several months.

Combat Notes:With heightened Awareness and Precognition, he's unlikely to be surprised by anything. At full combat ability he deals out 30 points with a sword (28 if "out of practice") and gets two attacks per round. He can use just about anything as a weapon.

(50 points)

Boatswain Pyxis Four

Body 10 Mind 5 Soul 4

Health Points 130, Energy Points 45, Attack Combat Value 8, Defense Combat Value 6

Attributes: Combat Mastery 1 (2 points), Damn Healthy! 6 (6 points), Focused Damage 2 (2 points, fists, +10) Heavy Armor 2 (8 points, stops 20), Heightened Senses 1 (1 point, sight), Life Support 2 (2 points, full) Regeneration 1 (4 points), Super-strong 1 (3 points, +10 damage)

Defects: Marked (2 BP)

Combat Notes: If forced to engage in combat, his fists act like clubs, dealing a total of 33 points damage. With 20 points of armor, 130 health points and regeneration, it takes a lot to harm him, so he generally will wait and see what develops.

(45 points)

Chief Mate Crux

Body 7 Mind 5 Soul 5

Health Points 80, Energy Points 50, Attack Combat Value 5, Defense Combat Value 3

Attributes: Appearance 1 (1 point), Damn Healthy! 2 (2 points, +20), Elasticity 2 (2 points), Focused Damage 1 (swarming, +5), Light Armor 3 (3 points), Natural Weapons 1 (1 point, fangs), Regenerate 1 (4 points), Special Movement 3 (3 points, common slime movement), Super-strong 1 (3 points, +10 damage), Swarming 2 (4 points, 2xhealth mini-slimes), Telepathy 2 (4 points, only with other telepaths),

Defects: Awkward Size 2 (2 BP), Cannot Talk (can whistle) (1 BP), No arms (2 BP)

Game Notes: His awkward size applies in fragmened form too, scaled down proportionally, so his mini-slimes are about football-sized.

Combat Notes: An appalling unfragmented combatant, Crux will swarm to attack, with an ACV of 11 and dealing 21 points of mini-slime damage.

(40 points)

Sailtender Vela Skylark

Body 6 Mind 8 Soul 6

Health Points 60, Energy Points 70, Attack Combat Value 6, Defense Combat Value 4

Attributes: Appearance 1 (1 point, "Moderately Attractive"), Features 2 (2 points, feathers and wide vision), Flight 1 (4 points), Heightened Senses 2 (2 points, sight and hearing), Kensei - Judge Opponent (1 point), Light Armor 1 (1 points, stops 2), Mind Shield (3 points), Sixth Sense 3 (3 point, spirits, magic, air currents), Telepathy 2 (2 points, only with "Crux"),

Defects: Solitary (1 BP, +2 reactions), Ghost Magnet (1 BP,)

Game Notes: His Telepathy may work with all slimes, or maybe just all black slimes, but he's had no chance to try. Ghost magnet is like guy magnet, only for ghosts and Solitary gives him a +2 penalty to all social interactions involving more than one other person.

Combat Notes:He will use his "Judge Opponent" ability and then either block and call for help or fly!

(40 points)

Ship's Navigator, Perseus Picaro

Body 6 Mind 7 Soul 5

Health Points 55, Energy Points 60, Attack Combat Value 9, Defense Combat Value 7

Attributes: Animal Friend 2 (2 points), Features 2 (2 points, fur and night vision) Heightened Senses 2 (2 points, smell and hearing), Jumping 1 (1 point), Sixth Sense 2 (2 points, spirits and magic), Art of Distraction 3 (3 points), Combat Mastery 3 (6 points), Focused Damage 2 (2 points, cutlass), Kensei 4 (4 points, blind fighting, chanbara master, precise stroke, lightening draw) Navigational Genius 2 (2 points),

Defects: Easily Distracted (2 BP), Physically Unappealing (1 BP), Speciesism (1 BP),

Game Notes: "Navigational Genius" gives a bonus to navigating, -4 at level 1 and -8 at level 2. Art of Distraction makes his tales genuinely fascinating.

Combat Notes: With jumping and kensei abilities, Perseus can leap instantly into combat, drawing sword as he goes and striking at will. If possible, he will attempt a skillful precise strike, with undergarment fastenings a favored target. If not distracted himself, he is likely to attempt to distract others.

(40 points)

Ship's Maid Soubrette Lynx

Body 5 Mind 5 Soul 8

Health Points 65, Energy Points 125, Attack Combat Value 8, Defense Combat Value 6

Attributes: Appearance 2 (2 points, "Quite Attractive"), Combat Mastery 3 (6 points), Energy Bonus 6 (6 points), Dynamic Sorcery 5 (20 points, "Maid Magic"), Special Attack 1 (4 points, "Iron Feather Duster" melee, accurate)

Defects: Attack Restriction (2 BP, "only to defend employer's household"), Magic Restriction (2 BP, "limited to things maids have access to, must be in uniform, only to defend employer's household"), Oathbound (2 BP, "Must be loyal, provide quality service and maintain boundaries")

Game Notes: Level 5 Dynamic Sorcery is extremely powerful, and combined with her high energy, Soubrette is limited only in that all she does adheres to the Maid's code, a powerful set of oaths that restricts her power unless used to defend her household (or shiphold).

Combat Notes: In the line of duty, Sobrette commands the full might of Maid Magic, which can include 100m wide areas of blinding dust, 60 point flattening slaps and the terrifying "Go To Your Room" mind control spell. Walls of protection can surround property, and even when out of energy her iron duster can be lethal. When not 'on duty', she can only use a couple of levels of dynamic sorcery, but is still quite willing to deal 38 points of damage with the duster!

(50 points)